Rocky Point is Safe (RPIS) mission is to educate people in the United States considering coming to Puerto Penasco about what is really going on in Rocky Point, Mexico. All the content on this website was created by residents, business owners, citizens, visitors, tourists (and an old grumpy beach bum) of Rocky Point Mexico.

There are currently 3,000 American and Canadian citizens living in and around Rocky Point. This site is for them to share their stories, and experiences openly and honestly with out the Media’s negative spin in their race to drive fear and sensationalism in order to build ratings for their media channels.

We are always looking for anyone in our little community who is looking to contribute about your personal experiences of vitising, living, or doing business in Rocky Point. This site has no links to any commercial sites. However if you have a business feel free to tell us who you are, your experiences, and even throw a plug in for yourself.

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  1. My family first arrived in Penasco in 1948 – at that time we were warned by friends and media how dangerous Rocky Point was. Actually they were correct, but not in the way they meant. We became immediately hooked on the wonderful people, the beautiful beaches and warm Sea of Cortez. I’ve had car problems here and instantly people were there to help. My kids roamed all over the place and I never had to worry about them as kids were prized above all else. People used to joke that the fastest way to see a Mexican jail was to hurt a kid – it just didn’t happen as everyone watched out for the kids. In all the years we’ve been coming here (64!) I’ve never felt anything but safe and welcomed. Did things happen? Of course. They can happen where ever you are. Do you need to use common sense? Again, I would suggest that you use your head no matter if you live in Scottsdale and are headed for the local corner store (or Safeway in Tucson). Do I think it is safe for my kids, Grandkids and great Grandkids – you bet I do. Would I watch them when they play in the pool or swim in the ocean or cross the street? Duh! I do that where ever they are and no matter how old they are.

    Do I think Penasco is Safe??? We now live here full time – have driven the road for 64 years (so much improved now!) and pray to keep driving it for a lot more years.

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