Rocky Point is Safe (RPIS) mission is to educate people in the United States considering coming to Puerto Penasco about what is really going on in Rocky Point, Mexico. All the content on this website was created by residents, business owners, citizens, visitors, tourists (and an old grumpy beach bum) of Rocky Point Mexico.

There are currently 3,000 American and Canadian citizens living in and around Rocky Point. This site is for them to share their stories, and experiences openly and honestly with out the Media’s negative spin in their race to drive fear and sensationalism in order to build ratings for their media channels.

We are always looking for anyone in our little community who is looking to contribute about your personal experiences of vitising, living, or doing business in Rocky Point. This site has no links to any commercial sites. However if you have a business feel free to tell us who you are, your experiences, and even throw a plug in for yourself.

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